Far West Texas Public Defenders Office Gets A Bank Account

CULBERSON COUNTY, TX (Ben Caxton) — Progress continues in setting up a new public defenders office for the Trans Pecos. Culberson County this week approved opening a new bank account for the Far West Texas Regional Public Defenders Office. 394th Judicial District Judge Roy Ferguson was the prime mover behind the organization of a new public defender’s office for the district, going so far as to beating the bushes in Austin for grant money to help fund the new office, which was announced last July. Efforts are underway to find the lawyers who will work in the office. to handle representation of all people within the district who cannot afford legal representation for criminal cases, both felony, and misdemeanor. The 394th is Hudspeth, Culberson, Jeff Davis, Presidio and Brewster Counties. Previously when a defendant needed a lawyer, one had to be called in from as far away as El Paso to appear in court at taxpayer expense. In the future, all of the counties in the district will pool resources to fund this new local office so the lawyers will be much closer to their clients.

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