Water Repairs In Marfa This Morning

MARFA, TX (Ben Caxton) — A leak in a water main will mean a couple of hours without water for residents and businesses in downtown Marfa this morning including Stripes East and the Hotel Saint George. Roxana Hill spoke with Jeff Boyd, Marfa City works superintendent. “We just have a leak on one of our streets, one of our water mains. A slight leak. Got a piece of old infrastructure that’s going to be replaced about 9:30 AM through 11:30 AM. It’ll be down about two hours.” Boyd described the problem as a major leak in a main line running along Dean Street in Marfa, about half a block north of Oak Street and cited the age of the pipes as the cause. “We have breaks from time to time. Most little towns do. Just one of those things. When it gives out, it gives out.”

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