There’s A Murder Planned In Fort Davis And You’re Invited

FORT DAVIS, TX (Ben Caxton) — A murder mystery theatrical production and a fine meal is a great way to spend an evening in Fort Davis. this Friday the Fort Davis Children’s Theater is hosting “Quantum of Malice” a night of serious fun and sleuthing from at the First United Methodist Church. The play takes place in a fancy restaurant created at the church parish hall according to board president Stessa Miles. The audience will be served a four-course meal between the acts of the play. Clues are given throughout the play, and then each table will work as a team to solve the mystery. The winning table will receive a prize. The cast and crew of the murder mystery are made up of Fort Davis Junior and Senior High School students. Miles said the board has been looking for something new and different to raise funds for the Missoula Children’s Theater Program the board sponsors each year. That program has involved more than 650 students in the 19 years that the theater has performed in Fort Davis. Each year it costs about $5,000 to pay for the annual summer theater event. Tickets to the murder mystery are $20 per person and includes a four-course meal prepared by Ervy Hernandez, Patrick Olivas, Jenna McNew, Krystal Bencomo, and Allison Scott. The play is scheduled for 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Friday

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