Tarango Sitting At Number Two In All Of Texas

FORT STOCKTON (Ben Caxton) — Elvis Tarango continues to outlift all competition. “Tarango lifted in Fort Stockton this past Saturday and once again blew away the competition, finished in first place in his 148 pound division.” Valentine Coach Lonnie Flippen. Tarango beat his nearest competitor, from Andrews, a 3-A school, by more than 60 pounds. Flippen says Tarango is increasing his lifts by 20 to 30 pounds at each event, and right now ranks second in all of Texas. “It’s neat to see a young man from Valentine Texas ranked number two in the state.” And how does Elvis feel about second place? “I’d rather be number one, and I’m going to put the time and effort into trying to be the best but if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter because as long as I am improving and I do everything that’s possible, for me, for the time I have, that’s winning itself.”

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