Still No Determination Of Cause Of Death In Verk Case

Television news crews watched from across the street as police searched for evidence in Zuzu Verk case. Photo from


ALPINE (Ben Caxton) — Two weeks have now passed since Zuzu Verk’s remains were discovered in a shallow grave just outside of Alpine. However, the cause of death still has not been determined. Verk’s former boyfriend, Robert Fabian, and an acquaintance, Chris Estrada, are being held on felony counts of “tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in concealing a human corpse” but so far have not been charged with having caused Verk’s death. In an interview with CBS7, Zuzu’s mother, Lori Verk said “I want forensics to do everything they can, I want them to be able to find every bit of evidence they can, because this was not a natural death.” Investigators confiscated digging tools and soil samples from the home of Fabian’s sister, a person of interest in the case, on the day Fabian was arrested. Authorities said Fabian’s mother and brother are also persons of interest in Verk’s disappearance.

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  1. I can’t help wondering what kind of mental health history the boyfriend has. He sounds unstable.

  2. Rest in peace sweet Angel. I hope these monsters rott in hell for what they did. I don’t know zuzu but I feel she was most certainly a bubbley fun and loving person. To the Very family. My prayers and condolences.

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