Rabies Vaccine Airdrops Flying Our Way

Flights have begun out of Zapata. Next up Del Rio, and Alpine.


TEXAS-MEXICO BORDER (Ben Caxton) — What’s that up in the sky? A bird? A plane? No it’s some rabies vaccine! The Texas Department of State Health Services is once again this year flying planes to drop rabies vaccine to wildlife in a 25 mile wide strip along the Mexico border from Brownsville to western Jeff Davis county. The program, begun in 1995, uses airplanes to drop bait traps for migratory wildlife containing oral doses of a rabies vaccine. The animals eat the bait, and are inoculated against rabies in the process. Cases of the “canine” rabies strain dropped to zero by the year 2000, and the “fox” strain as well by 2010. Since then only sporadic single cases have been reported. The first flights took off from Zapata last week. The operation will move to Del Rio, and eventually Alpine before concluding later this month.

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