Presidio County Rejects Sheriff’s Salary Request

PRESIDIO COUNTY, TX (Ben Caxton) — The next Sheriff’s assistant in Presidio County won’t be paid what the Sheriff wants. Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez last week asked Presidio County Commissioners for a rate increase for his secretary’s position from $12.45 an hour, to $16 an hour. However, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara and commissioners voted not to raise the rate to $16 but did agree by a narrow 3-2 vote to allow the Sheriff to pay his new assistant up to $14 an hour. Commissioner Loretto Vasquez and Commissioner Brenda Silva Bentley voted against the motion. The Presidio County Sheriff’s Office assistant¬ís long list of duties includes processing open records requests, updating Facebook and Twitter posts, maintaining their website, filling in time sheets, handling the mail, and even refilling the office Coke machine. The position has remained vacant since the last assistant left. The Sheriff had hoped the increased pay might prompt a qualified candidate to take the job to work with him.

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