Not All West Texas Ghosts Are In It For The Candy

FORT DAVIS, TX (Ben Caxton) — If you’re looking to experience some real ghosts and goblins who just aren’t in it for the candy on this Halloween there are at least a few places you might want to visit. In Fort Davis, the old Confederate fort has long been believed to be haunted, with visitors often reporting seeing shadows hearing voices, and, smelling roses of all things. The 1860s fort is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Alice Walpole, who was abducted by Native Americans in this area while looking for roses. Her body was never found, but soon afterward, sightings of her ghost began to be reported in the area. Legend has it that some interesting things happen when Alice is around. People say that the phantom smell of roses is detected when she appears, and white roses have been known to grow around the fort out of season. In Alpine, you may need to book a room to explore, but a 1920’s boutique hotel there is supposedly haunted by the apparition of a woman and her child, who lived in the building many years ago. Apparently, the ghostly activity is most common on the third floor of the Holland Hotel. One former employee writes that while he worked there he often heard noises, like doors opening and closing when no one was around saying that whatever or whoever it is, “they like to mess with you.” In Van Horn visitors have reported odd goings-on at the Hotel El Capitan that’s been around since the 1930’s. Some believe the hotel is haunted.

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