No Sure Answers To Lobo Aquifer Depletion


CULBERSON COUNTY, TX (Ben Caxton) — Lobo Aquifer stakeholders and three Culberson County Groundwater Conservation District members met Wednesday to discuss their next moves to conserve water. Levels in the aquifer have been steadily dropping over the last few years and all present agreed that water allocations must be cut. The only disagreement was by how much and for how long. Stakeholders and the District Members eventually agreed upon implementing groundwater annual allotments of either three-acre feet per acre over three years or three-and-a-half acre-feet per acre over two years. Valentine Radio Reporter Yoemy Castillo caught up with General Manager Summer Webb on her cell phone and asked if the expected reduction in usage will eventually raise water levels in the aquifer. “We don’t know, that’s why we’re doing it. To see if this will cap it and allow the aquifer to settle, come back up.” A final determination on the allotments will be made at the April monthly meeting.

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