New Details on Rescue of 67 Year Old Hiker

Many agencies assisted injured hiker. Photo credit: Houston Chronicle.

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, TX (Ben Caxton) – New details have emerged regarding the rescue last week of an elderly female hiker in Beg Bend National Park. It seems more than just Customs and Border Protection agents were involved. According to a report  from CBS-7  several other government agencies also worked to transport the injured woman to safety. Assisting Border Patrol agents were Air-Interdiction Agents from CBP Air and Marine Operations (APO), the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Officers. A news release says that a border agent patrolling along the river east of Presidio was notified by a concerned citizen about an injured hiker in “Closed Canyon” inside Big Bend Ranch State Park and was first on the scene. He provided emergency assistance to the injured woman. Due to the rugged terrain and high-angle bluffs, the agent called for more assistance to get the hiker out of the canyon. No identification has been made of the hiker beyond the fact that she was a 67 year old female out for an afternoon hike, who injured her ankle, and rather than attempt to climb out of the canyon, spent the night waiting to be discovered for assistance.


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