More Arrests As Pipeline Nears Completion

BREWSTER COUNTY (Ben Caxton) — The Brewster County jail has seven new inmates on this Monday morning. Seven people were arrested at the Trans Pecos Pipeline construction site early Sunday morning after attaching themselves to a 55 gallon drum filled with cement. When police arrived they discovered the protesters had covered their arms and hands in PVC pipe saying that they were chained inside the pipe to make it difficult for authorities to free them. Upon inspection it was discovered that they were not chained down, at which point they were taken into custody. Three were charged with felony counts of obstructing a roadway, and trespassing. Four others face misdemeanor charges. The protests disrupted construction for less than two hours. As of early February the pipeline was 96% complete. It is expected to improve air quality across the Big Bend by providing clean-burning natural gas to northern Mexico power plants currently producing harmful greenhouse gases from burning diesel, coal and wood. The pipeline is on schedule to be in service by the end of March.


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