Hurd Suggests National Service For Computer Grads

WASHINGTON, DC (Ben Caxton) — Congressman Will Hurd wants You! Hurd is backing a plan to enlist college IT graduates into national service for what he calls a new “Cyber National Guard.” Under his plan, if a student wanted to pursue a college degree in computer science, the U.S. Government would pay for it. But they’d have to agree to work for the federal government for a number of years after they graduate. Once they complete their term of service in the government and have moved onto the private-sector, they will still rotate back into the federal government for the proverbial two weeks per year in a capacity that would closely resemble that of a reservist. Hurd says that a “Cyber National Guard” would ensure a pipeline of quality talent into the federal government and maintain U.S. world leadership in the digital realm by ensuring a regular exchange of talent between the public and private sectors. According to the Congressman, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. Hurd is a graduate of Texas A&M University in Computer Science, a former cybersecurity entrepreneur and current Chair of the House IT Subcommittee.

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