First City To Tap Trans-Pecos Pipeline Getting Connected

TRANS-PECOS (Ben Caxton) — The Trans-Pecos pipeline has been in service for several months now, transporting over a billion cubic feet of natural gas to help power cleaner burning generators across the border in Mexico. And now the first local community is getting connected as well. Pipe has arrived to build a six-mile pipeline from one of several taps built into the Trans-Pecos Pipeline for use by communities along its route from Fort Stockton, through Alpine and Marfa to the border with Mexico. Presidio will see natural gas sent directly from the pipeline to its industrial park, and eventually, the gas may be distributed across the city. Presidio residents and businesses, like many unconnected communities in Jeff Davis, Culberson, Brewster, and Pecos counties rely instead on propane for energy. As well as being two to three times more expensive than natural gas, propane gas transportation can be dangerous. In December 2016, a tanker truck carrying propane for West Texas Gas exploded between Marfa and Alpine, killing the 79-year-old driver.

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