Candeleria Shooting Fallout Continues

MARFA (Ben Caxton) — A new border war seems to be heating up between Texas State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, and Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez. The dispute centers around continuing claims by Miller that the shooting incident in Candeleria that resulted in two men being airlifted to an El Paso hospital was caused by illegal aliens. Sheriff’s investigators concluded last week that the hunters were injured as as result of “friendly fire among the hunting party.” But Miller isn’t backing down, using the issue to promote the need for a wall on the Mexican border, one of his election campaign issues in a new Facebook post. In response Sheriff Dominguez fired back that Miller’s account is “not true” in an interview with the San Antonio Express-News. According to NewsWest9 this Commissioner Miller is no stranger to controversial posts, including one where he suggested using an atomic bomb on the Muslim population.

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