Another Mining Plant To Bring Jobs To Tri-Counties

VAN HORN, TX (Ben Caxton) — Earlier this month Presidio County got the good news of a reopening of the old Silver mine at Shafter that could bring back as many as 150 jobs in that county. Last week Culberson County got some good news, too. Commissioners at their last meeting heard from David Dorett, Managing Director of Aequor Management, on the company¬ís plan to open and operate a new sand mining plant in the county. He said the company plans to begin operations around August or September and expects to employ at least 50 workers initially. The workforce will include local hires. Dorett says the jobs will be permanent, and the plant will be around as long as there is sand. The company has already presented requests for water usage. Both the county and the groundwater commission have been assured by the company that usage would be minimal – the equivalent of irrigating two crop circles. The company also told commissioners that they would take over responsibility for maintaining several county roads in and out of the proposed sit at no expense to the county. Aequor would make improvements to John Conoly Road, and a 5.1 mile stretch of road to FM 2185, by employing an emulsion-based topping or liquid asphalt. Dorett said that the Town of Van Horn would also benefit from the opening of the plant in that Aequor would be upgrading and paying to use the gas transmission lines.

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