Valentine Council Meeting, Full Story

VALENTINE, TX (Brad Bernards, Valentine Radio) – The Valentine City Council met Tuesday night at the city hall with fairly full Agenda. The first order of business was to evaluate proposals for engineering work for the city. Two of the three vendors were on hand to provide answers to the council to help in objectively ascertaining the qualifications of each. In the end, Frank Spencer and Associates of El Paso edged out Kleinman Consultants, P.L.L.C. of Andrews. Representatives of WTC Engineering & Surveying, also of Andrews, were not in attendance.

The work that Valentine needs is for the municipal water system; a back up generator and a scaling system for the Water towers. In some scenarios, the pumps that fill the water tanks have had to be operated manually. This system would insure that water in the tanks are kept at predetermined levels automatically.

Carlos Colina-Vargas presented information on the Texas Community Block Grant Program. He discussed the process and point system used to score applications. The largest advantage the city could gain would be in what percentage that Valentine could match ranging from 2 percent to 5 percent. Examples of eligible items include public works;  housing assistance, economic development; and planning. Application for the grant is due February 9th. Public input would be welcomed by Mayor Jesus Calderon. The Upper Rio Grande Regional Review Committee has established a grant amount of $275,000 for single applicants.

A bid offer was accepted by the council to do electrical work next to the Valentine Community Center for five RV spaces with the capacity to expand to five more at a future date. Andy White had the sole bid at $5,870. The Valentine Ex-student Association had earlier committed $2,500 to the project.

Not on the agenda was Internet for the Valentine area. John Constancio of AMA-TechTel wants to provide high speed internet service to the area. He brought a contract that Mayor Calderon will have the city attorney look over. They plan on calling a special meeting to approve the proposal because his attendance was not on the agenda. Mr. Constancio said they could begin in a couple of weeks and be ready to go soon after. He said rates would be $35 per month for seniors aged 60 and over and $50 for everyone else. They will also be including phone service as well. Big Bend Telephone had earlier changed their mind in providing service to Valentine.  AMA-TechTel specializes in providing internet and phone service to communities with populations less than 1,000.

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